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A: Most dogs LOVE it, and don’t even notice the difference once it’s installed. Leisure Lawn has been installed specifically for dog and pet runs with great results. Urine drains right through the perforated backing and is absorbed into the ground. Simply rinse off the area once or twice a week and never worry about staining or odor again.

A: Leisure Lawn synthetic grasses are lead-free and ultra-soft to provide a safe and long lasting environment for children.

A: All Leisure Lawn grasses are made with a UV protective coating that minimizes fading over the products lifetime. The product is made green, not dyed or painted.

A: With normal grass usage, Leisure Lawn synthetic grass has a lifetime expectancy of 20-25 years!

A: An occasional brushing or brooming is recommended, depending on the amount of foot traffic, in order to keep the blades standing upright. This can be done with a garage push broom with short, stiff bristles. Leaves and other debris can easily be removed with a leaf blower.

A: No! Leisure Lawn grasses are all made here in the USA, and synthetic grass products made here SIGNIFICANTLY outperform products made overseas. Even among American-made products, specs can differ greatly. Leisure Lawn’s tight stitch pattern provides for a thick, dense, realistic synthetic grass product, and it’s heavy urethane backing withstands the sun and prevents undergrowth.

A: Yes! The Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) is currently offering a rebate of $3.00 per square foot when you convert from sod to xeroscape. Some restrictions apply. Leisure Lawn is recognized by the SNWA as a “Water Smart” contractor, and we can “fast track” your rebate! For more information on the SNWA’s rebate program, please go to their website at: